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UCPM Projects & Exercises


EU funding through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) supports projects with activities leading to improved disaster prevention and preparedness, shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking. Disaster risk management and civil protection organisations can apply for funding in projects that strengthen the capacity of organisations and systems in the prevention of crises, and preparedness for when they do happen.

List of funded projects & exercises


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The Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN) is a European expert knowledge-sharing network focused on risk analysis.
Developing Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network partnership among EU, European Neighbourhood Policy countries and international organisations.
Research of State Fire and Rescue
Research of State Fire and Rescue Service structure and capacity, assessment of the current situation, analysis of functions and tasks for the development and implementation of a long-term development strategy of SFRS.
TEAMS 3.0 builds on the achievements of these projects by involving new partners, experts and EU EMT organisations.
Large Scale Earthquake Management at Western Balkans through Joint Cross Border Cooperation Activities.
Field exercises for EU Civil Protection Teams
Field exercises for EU Civil Protection Teams and Technical Assistance Support Teams.