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Projects and Exercises

EU funding through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) supports projects with activities leading to improved disaster prevention and preparedness, shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking. Disaster risk management and civil protection organisations can apply for funding in projects that strengthen the capacity of organisations and systems in the prevention of crises, and preparedness for when they do happen.

List of funded projects & exercises


Find projects & exercises here

What projects and exercises are included on the platform? We mainly support those funded under DG ECHO (e.g., KAPP call), but select other initiatives can be added as well per the Knowledge Network team's editorial decision and with the project officer's assistance. (For example, if a Horizon project bears significant and clear added value to the UCPM as well as is in alignment with the Knowledge Network's mission).


Application for project space

To apply for a project space, please send a free-form email to with the following details (e.g., mimic the details available on this project space):

  1. Who will be the project coordinator managing the project space? NB! The person must have an EU Login-based account on the Knowledge Network platform, please register in advance if that is not the case.
  2. What type of a project is it (e.g., Horizon Europe, H2020, ISF)?
  3. Briefly justify why is it relevant to the UCPM
  4. ID of the project and link e.g., to CORDIS for basic project data
  5. Funding source (e.g., working link to the topic on the Funding & Tenders portal)
  6. Add the logo of your project (64/64px, see image guide)
  7. A contact email, such as a functional mail box, from the project to be displayed publicly
  8. Have you informed your project and policy officer of this application?
  9. Have some of your staff completed the Introduction to the UCPM e-learning course?

It is expected that the contracted project coordinators manage their project or exercise space independently and create content proactively in accordance with their grant agreement and the platform's Terms of Service. For editorial and technical guidance, see the User Guide.

UCPM Projects and Exercises:

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