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EU HNS TTX Moldova

The second tabletop exercise in Chișinău will take place from 22. -24. February.
Event22-24 February2023Table-top exercise

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Sectoral news, stories from the frontlines and events of importance to the civil protection and disaster risk management community.


Union Civil Protection - Capacity Development

Capacity Development

The Knowledge Network Capacity Development pillar aims to connect, promote and strengthen capacity development initiatives relevant to civil protection and disaster management.
Union Civil Protection - Science & Research

Science & Research

Through the Knowledge Network, the scientific community and operational stakeholders in disaster management have a new space to connect and share knowledge.

Civil protection exercises

The exercise programme of the Knowledge Network offers a variety of civil protection exercises to enhance prevention, preparedness and disaster response.

Featured projects


The Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN) is a European expert knowledge-sharing network focused on risk analysis.


TEAMS 3.0 builds on the achievements of these projects by involving new partners, experts and EU EMT organisations.

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