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Assistance to Member States for DRM

Ongoing projects

KN project


The project will develop a new national risk assessment methodology, taking into account projections of emerging risks and new methods.
KN project

Feasibility study for forest fire protection

Feasibility study on the evaluation of the current situation and development of solutions for the introduction of the optimal model for the further provision of forest fire protection and fire-fighting functions in public and private forests in Latvia.
KN project


National Risk Assessment in North Macedonia (NRA MK).
KN project

Establishment of comprehensive civil protection

Establishment of comprehensive civil protection and disaster management training for governmental institutions, civil protection commissions of municipalities, universities, SFRS Fire Safety and Civil Defence College, as well as establishing safety advice for the public.
KN project

Study on development of state material reserves

Study on Development and Management of State Material Reserves and Resources of the Sector’s Material and Technical Means for the Implementation of Disaster Management Measures and Overcoming Sectoral Hazards.
KN project


Integrated interventions in disaster risk management.
KN project

Eco-DRR Türkiye

The project will integrate ecosystem-based approaches into disaster risk management policies and strategies, and mainstream those approaches at local, regional and national levels.
KN project


Development of a Spanish national disaster loss database (IMPACTO).


Reorganisation of information and communication system in the field of protection against natural and other disasters / disaster risk management with the use of artificial intelligence.

Closed projects


DRM investment project in Lithuania

Preparation of an investment project proposal addressing disaster risk management due to possible threats from a Belarussian nuclear power plant (LT) - Track I


The Aid to Prioritize Fire Prevention Efforts (FirePrev) project in Denmark aims to reduce building fires and encourage smarter spending.

High Level Crisis Management Courses

The ‘High Level Crisis Management Courses’ project in Estonia supports the development of a training programme to increase the preparedness of the national crisis system by involving local authorities, municipalities, crisis-management policymakers, and public and private sectors.