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Call for Participants - Summer School in DRM

CLOSED - This is a call for expressions of interest to participate at the Evidence for Policy in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Summer School 2023 in Pisa on 29-31 May 2023. A limited number of seats are available.

Call for Expression of Interest - Evidence for Policy in DRM Summer School 2023


This call was opened on 28/03/2023 and was closed on 05/04/2023 after large interest filled the limited spots available. There are still chances for cancellation spots to become available of which DG ECHO.B.3 will inform those applicants directly who could not be admitted initially during the call.





The Evidence for Policy in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Summer School will be held in Pisa (Italy) on 29-31 May 2023 and its objective is for participants to gain new knowledge on how to better integrate scientific evidence into policy-making (see below draft agenda). The event is a reproduction of the 2020 version of the School.

It will be organised and hosted by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna research university, as part of the Civitas Soteria consortium (ICF, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, and M.D.F training), on behalf of the European Commission. Due to the participatory nature of the classes, the School will require physical attendance. Please note that 29 May is a public holiday in some countries.

The target audience are:

  • scientists (e.g., university, national centre of science/knowledge, institute) producing DRM material for policymaking or technical decision-making; and
  • policymakers and operational staff (e.g., technical decision-making, strategic planning, resource prioritisation) utilising scientific results in DRM.

A total of six masterclass topics will be delivered during the School (see short descriptions below). Each participant will have the possibility to attend two masterclasses. The top preferred masterclasses will be requested in the registration form and participants will be distributed proportionally by the consortium. The “Understanding and applying foresight in disaster risk management” masterclass #2 is unfortunately already full and we have taken it off the registration form.

This call for expression is only available on the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (UCPKN) online platform. It is intended to fill open slots available after initial nominations and will be closed once they are full.

Criteria for choosing participants and expressing interest

DG ECHO.B.3 will choose participants from EU Member States/UCPM Participating States until open slots are filled based on the following two criteria and their connection to the goals of the UCPKN:

  • Expression of motivation in participating in the Summer School
  • Expression of relevance of participation in the Summer School for their work.

Preference will be given:

  1. To applicants from states less or non-represented in the registered participants so far (Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Türkiye);
  2. To applicants with specialisation in the less thus far preferred masterclasses; and
  3. To keep gender balance and balance between scientist and policymaker profile.

The free-form expressions of interests (max 1/2 page) are to be sent via email to [--] as soon as possible.

Travel cover

The consortium will, on behalf of the European Commission, arrange and cover the travel ticket, accommodation, and meals. Participants that are selected should not make travel arrangements by themselves and will be contacted by the consortium after confirmed registration to provide more details.

Brief logistics overview - Evidence for Policy in DRM 2023.pdf

(1.87 MB - PDF)

Draft Agenda - Evidence for Policy in DRM 2023.pdf

(184.96 KB - PDF)

Masterclass short descriptions - Evidence for Policy in DRM 2023.pdf

(471.79 KB - PDF)

Privacy Statement - Evidence for Policy in DRM 2023.pdf

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