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Exchange of experts in civil protection programme

Exchange of experts in civil protection programme

What is it?

The Exchange of Experts in civil protection programme involves connecting experts across borders to broaden their operational knowledge and skills through practical experiences in the field. The exchanges offer insight into the work of civil protection organisations and experts across Europe and beyond.

Who can participate?

Civil protection experts and organisations from UCPM participating states or eligible third countries.  

Civil protection experts can apply to go on an exchange with the approval of their National Training Coordinator or training focal point. Civil protection organisations host experts and share their expertise.  

EU civil protection exercise in Italy

Benefits for experts  

Participating in a civil protection expert exchange provides experts with valuable experiences and deeper knowledge, strengthening teams and their services. 
The Civil Protection exercise Harbour

Where exchanges take place 

Civil protection organisations host exchanges in the European Union, Western Balkans, Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood countries. Options for online exchanges are also available. 

Exchange of Experts in Civil Protection

More information available here

Exchange of Experts Factsheet

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