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TRANS-ALP workshop

By project TRANS-ALP staff

TRANS-ALP invites for a hybrid workshop on “Facing Transboundary Extreme Events in Alpine Regions under Climate Change: Challenges and Perspective”


Key information

Bozen, Italy
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The international workshop “Facing Transboundary Extreme Events in Alpine Regions under Climate Change: Challenges and Perspective” will provide an overview of TRANS-ALP project’s activities and preliminary results, for fostering an interdisciplinary discussion on risks related to extreme hydro meteorological events. The workshop will be held on 6 July at EURAC Research in Bozen (Italy), and online.

Who can be interested?

The workshop is addressed to civil protection authorities, decision makers, risk practitioners from alpine region and other areas, as well as at partners and observers of projects working on similar topics. 

The participation is free of charge but registration is requested for organizational purposes until 1st July 2022.  You can register at the following link:

What is TRANS-ALP Project?

The TRANS-ALP project analyses the occurrence of severe weather events that can be classified as extreme and their specific features in the cross-border area between Austria and Italy (Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol and Veneto), with the overall goal of developing an integrated methodology for multi-hazard risk assessment and impact forecasting for mountainous regions at cross-border scale, in order to further advance the decision-making processes and support transnational cooperation along the disaster management cycle in the EU.

The project is implemented by a consortia of environmental, meteo-hydrological and earth observations institutes from Austria and Italy, and it is supported by a group of interested stakeholders from areas of civil protection, land management, research and other key sectors, from Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

TRANS-ALP Project has been funded by the European Commission, under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism Prevention and Preparedness Projects in Civil Protection and Marine Pollution.

More information

More info about the project:


Trans-Alp - Workshop Agenda.pdf

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