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Continuity, community building, and final workshops

Continuity, community building, and final workshops

By project INEGMA-E2 staffPublished on

As the project is nearing its end, the work intensifies: We're finalising deliverables and have also been busy with several final workshops.

Our goal was to identify factors for project continuity, to bring all stakeholders on board, and to discuss community building for the INEGMA-E2 Network of Evaluators. We would like to briefly summarize the two final workshops:

On June 13th, we met with members from our pool of evaluators to discuss what a Network of Evaluators (NoE) online community can look like, how moderation could work, and what guidelines for interacting within the community would apply. The workshop participants went into lively discussions and brought up key topics such as privacy and trust when discussing evaluation results in an online space.

A week later, on June 20th, we met with colleagues from the UCPM working on trainings and exercises and UCPKN members as well as national training coordinators (NTCs) to brief them on the results achieved and present the status quo of the pool of evaluators. In their respective roles as NTCs, training and exercise experts, and members of the UCPKN, they provided valuable input on the pool of evaluators, its design, and sustainability.

We would like to thank our workshop participants for their time, their expertise, and their insightful feedback on our work!