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The COVALEX Project: Working together for a safer Europe

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In a world increasingly affected by natural and technological disasters, it is essential that countries work together to improve their response capacity and civil protection. Given this context, COVALEX was born, an ambitious European project that aims to strengthen cooperation and risk management in the face of hydrometeorological events and hydrometeorological multi-hazard events. In this publication, we will explore COVALEX's objectives, values and actions, as well as its impact on prevention and action in disaster situations. 


The COVALEX project

COVALEX is a European project funded by DG ECHO, formed by the University of A Coruña, as project coordinator, and five other partners, NALAS Réseau des Associations Nationales de Pouvoirs Locaux de l’Europe du Sud-Est, from France, Disaster Competence Network, from Austria, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, from Greece, Fondazione CIMA and Associazione della Croce Rossa, both from Italy. It aims to establish a common and extended community of experts capitalising on sectoral knowledge in hydrometeorological events and hydrometeorological multi-hazard events. This community is based on science to improve risk management, promoting prevention, preparation and response to natural and technological disasters

Values and Goals

COVALEX is based on key values such as cooperation, trust and security. Its main objective is to strengthen European cooperation in civil protection and disaster prevention, promoting governance based on scientific evidence. Through the creation of a community of experts, COVALEX seeks to boost response capacity and risk management in Europe

Actions and Results

One of the specific actions is the creation of a network of experts that can be involved in case studies and international events. In addition, multidisciplinary cooperation activities are carried out between researchers, professionals and decision makers to apply scientific knowledge in disaster risk management. 

The project also focuses on the dissemination of its actions and conclusions among decision makers and the general population. This is achieved through active promotion of the project results and raising awareness of the importance of prevention and preparedness for natural and technological disasters.

Impact and Benefits

COVALEX has the potential to generate a significant impact on civil protection and risk management in Europe. By strengthening cooperation and collaboration among member countries, response capacity will be improved and vulnerability to disasters will be reduced. In addition, confidence and security among European citizens will be promoted, giving them more confidence in emergency situations. 

COVALEX also positions the University of A Coruña and its five international partners as leaders in disaster risk management. The accumulated experience and knowledge generated through the project will contribute to the creation of a system based on the scientific community, thus promoting prevention and efficient action in disaster situations. 

COVALEX is an ambitious and valuable project that aims to strengthen cooperation and risk management in front of natural and technological disasters. Through its focus on science, the community of experts and the dissemination of its actions, COVALEX has the potential to make a significant difference in the civil protection and security of European citizens. Working together is essential to build a Europe that is safer, and more resilient to the challenges that disasters present to us. COVALEX shows the way to achieve that goal. 

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