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MODEX Serbia

EU MODEX cycle 11 concludes in Belgrade

By Knowledge Network – Staff memberPublished on

The EU MODEX Cycle 11 culminated in its final exercise on November 23 in Belgrade, Serbia. This event, organised by the Sector for Emergency Management (SEM), was significant in enhancing international emergency response coordination. It utilised the experience of the 2014 floods in Serbia as a foundational scenario for learning and development.

The primary objective was to enhance the operational capabilities of civil protection teams in managing international emergencies. This included refining the coordination and communication strategies among European Civil Protection Assessment and Coordination Teams (EUCPT), Technical Assistance and Support Teams (TAST), and other international agencies.

Scoping and advisory missions are increasingly common. Our experts need to be prepared for different contexts beyond operations. MODEX exercises provide an ideal scenario for testing their ability to collect data, analyse information, and handle political issues. MODEX Serbia is a comprehensive mission for EUCPT and TAST, focused on analysing flood risks and responses, engaging with various authorities and organisations, and ultimately aiming to produce a technical report to advise the national authority on enhancing their response system.

As the final exercise of EU MODEX Cycle 11, the event in Belgrade played a crucial role in consolidating the outcomes of the cycle and enhancing international collaboration in civil protection. The exercise not only tested readiness but also provided a platform for ongoing improvement in emergency response.

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