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Launch of the Knowledge Network

By Knowledge Network – Staff memberPublished on

The Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network launched on 7 December 2021 with a day of events bringing together civil protection and disaster management policy-makers and practitioners.

“A true hub for every civil protection stakeholder who has something to share”.

“I’m very happy that we kicked off the start of the Knowledge Network today. It gives us a unique chance to interact closer with each other, profit from each other, and strengthen our common knowledge and memory”

Participants in the day reflected that the Knowledge Network gives an additional opportunity for sharing of knowledge and expertise.

“In my view, today's success is based on the conjunction of three levels: the strategic, with the Board kick-off, the tactical, with the high-level session, and the operational, with the pooling of experts from the two pillars in the working-level sessions. The Knowledge Network is a tangible reality whose usefulness has been highlighted throughout the day”, says Knowledge Network Day participant Silvia Negro Alousque, Directorate General for Civil Protection and Emergencies, Ministry of Interior, Spain.

“I felt that participants and stakeholders embraced the essence and the potential of the Knowledge Network, saw appreciation on new concepts related to modern capacities (unlearn, learn and relearn) and expressed the need for a more efficient, harmonised and consensus way of sharing knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt while identifying the importance of integration, unification and interoperability.”

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