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Partners Meeting

SAILOR meeting in Tbilisi

By project SAILOR staffPublished on

The goal of the SAILOR project is not only to continue but also to enhance the ongoing efforts to face the matter of forest fires, integrating it into the framework of the PPRD EAST III initiative. The aim is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the risks posed by forest fires in the cross-border region between Georgia and Azerbaijan and in South Caucasus.


The Department of Regional and Cross-Border Development assumes a leadership role as the Lead Partner, and its laboratory of Technology Management Laboratory (MaterLab) in collaboration with the Civil Protection Institute of University of Western Macedonia.

The SAILOR project brings together a consortium of esteemed Organizations, including the University of Western Macedonia, the globally recognized International Center for Environmental Monitoring (CIMA), as well as the Emergency Management Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Georgia and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Azerbaijan.

The meeting was expertly coordinated by the University of Western Macedonia and the MaterLab Laboratory, by Mr. Ioannis Bakouros and Mr. Evangelos Katsaros, and with the collaboration of Ms. Amalia Kouskoura and Ms. Eleni Kalliontzi, who adeptly directed the engaging discussions and the presentations of the participants.

The SAILOR project is a continuation of the successful outcomes achieved through the PPRD EAST III initiative, which has already made tangible progress in implementing specific actions as to combat forest fires in the cross-border regions of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The emphasis on collaboration between countries is presented by SAILOR, positioning it as a flagship project poised to amplify the impact expected to add to the effect of the wider PPRD EAST III initiative. Additionally, the invaluable experiences gained through SAILOR's endeavors and the challenges to be faced can be effectively shared and applied in other regions of the South Caucasus and the Balkans, extending even of Turkey.

Throughout the meeting, participants received a comprehensive overview of the project, with detailed presentations highlighting the objectives achieved and activities successfully executed during the initial months of SAILOR. The presentations also provided keen insights into the perspectives of the esteemed Partners regarding the project's implementation and the added value it will bring. 

As the meeting concluded, a stimulating discussion focused on the promising trajectory of SAILOR and the project’s future way.



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