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ARPA Lombardia

Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente


ARPA Lombardia - Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Lombardy - deals with the prevention and protection of the environment, supporting regional and local institutions in multiple activities: from the fight against air and noise pollution to interventions for the protection of surface and groundwater, from the monitoring of electromagnetic fields to investigations on soil contamination and reclamation processes.


In its activity of prevention and protection of the environment, ARPA Lombardia is committed every day on different fronts, to provide regional and local institutions with the most effective tools to know precisely the state of health of our territory, treat its wounds and prevent future problems. For this reason we constantly monitor all the components and ecosystems of Lombardy and measure the effects and consequences of human activities on it, particularly significant in a region with a high population and production density like ours.