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1. The Ministry of Defence assists the Defence Minister in fulfilling his constitutional and legal mission.

2. The Defence Ministry is tasked with drafting and implementing the country's general state security and defence policies in accordance with the Constitution, security strategy, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Military Strategy and legislation in force in the Republic of Albania. It consists of the administration of the Ministry of Defence and the GENERAL Staff of the FA. 3.

The Ministry of Defence assists the Minister of Defence in meeting the following activities:

a) representation in the high bodies mentioned and in the National Security Council, giving specialised opinion on the problems of defence and development of the Armed Forces;

b) reflection in the FA's perspective development programme, the policies and directives of the Council of Ministers in the field of defence, in the social field, in that of integration, development and modernization of the FA in accordance with NATO standards;

c) ensuring stable and well-faith-based relations in the military field, between states, building policies and practices that favour co-operation;

(c) determining priorities and goals that create co-operation spaces in the interest of increasing common security and fulfilling the interests of the country;

d) building appropriate education policies for all FA personnel by targeting high degree of motivation, standardisation of internal activity in the FA and normal integration into society;

dh) ensure the breeding of internal developments in the FA, in accordance with other friendly developments by providing the best care of human, financial and material resources, in order to ensure that the development and modernization of the FA is always and under any circumstances in line with NATO's political and military developments;

e) drafting co-operation programmes with all other state institutions according to their legal obligations to implement the requirements of the National Security Strategy and the Military Strategy of the Republic of Albania, as well as for the security and protection of the country;

()participation in military and humanitarian operations/missions led and organised by NATO, un, EU;

f) drafting co-operation programmes with other central or local state institutions and civil society as a function of fulfilling the Ministry of Defence mission.

4. The Defence Minister is responsible during his event before Parliament, the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers.