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Bashkia Tiranë

Bashkia Tiranë




Priorities of the Culture Heritage Sector for 2022  Tirana European Youth Capital:

• Inclusion and awareness of young people (pupils, students) about the history of Tirana, individuals and important objects that have marked its journey.

• Preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage, through the organization of educational activities for the younger generation and through the preparation of informational materials in the territory administered by the Municipality of Tirana.

• Revitalization of community environments in which cultural and natural monuments are located, through the organization of diverse activities, intensively promoting the active participation of young people

• Naming of parts of public territory (streets, squares, parks, etc.), installation of memorial symbols of the city, analyzing and supporting proposals of relevant groups of interest, to identify and evaluate the most prominent personalities and events for the city of Tirana.

• Supporting the most competitive initiatives, which promote the cultural, human and natural values ​​of the territory of the Municipality of Tirana, to Albanian and foreign visitors, who choose Tirana as a tourist destination.