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Bulgarian Red Cross

Bulgarian Red Cross




We are a humanitarian volunteer organization, working according to its Statutes and the principles of the International Red Cross Movement, committed to providing support to vulnerable people victims of crisis and disasters in order to improve their life and dignity and relieve their suffering.

BRC works for increasing the population’s preparedness to act in case of disasters and together with he Civil Defense bodies prepares first aid formations and also renders first aid.

  • In order to achieve it goals BRC works to increase the organization capacity and to improve the coordination during disasters and accidents (crises).
  • BRC is included in National Disaster Plan.
  • The organization assists the state in the humanitarian activities protecting and strengthening the population’s health in case of disasters and accidents (crises). BRC rendering humanitarian aid in case of natural and technological disasters and accidents.


The Bulgarian Red Cross is a voluntary organization that is part of the International Red Cross Movement and is guided by its basic principles: neutrality, humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality . Through its network of volunteers throughout the country, the BRC supports vulnerable people in disasters and crises. Through training programs and activities for the benefit of society, it contributes to the alleviation and prevention of suffering in all its forms, protects health and life and ensures respect for the human person.