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Direccao Geral Da Autoridade Maritima

Direccao Geral Da Autoridade Maritima



The Directorate-General of the Maritime Authority (DGAM) is a public service, integrated in the Ministry of National Defense, endowed with administrative autonomy, and it is legally committed to the direction, coordination and control of the activities carried out by its organs and services in the framework of activities defined in Article 6 of Decree-Law No. 43/2002, of March 2, to be developed within the national maritime authority and in the spaces under its jurisdiction. It is up to DGAM, in particular, to support in technical, legal, logistical and financial terms, the action of the Captaincies of Ports, as their local bodies, given that they reside, in functional terms, the exercise of the Maritime Authority of the Portuguese State.

For the pursuit of its mission, and the execution of the powers conferred on its regional and local bodies, DGAM has the support of the Navy in terms of human and material resources, and there is, at this level, an intrinsic, solid and irreplaceable relationship, which also covers a structuring common culture on the issues related to the sea and activities that develop in it.