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Fondazione CIMA


Fondazione CIMA, International Center for Environmental Monitoring, is a non-profit research organization of general interest in the country. It aims to promote study, scientific research, technological development and higher education in engineering and environmental sciences for the protection of public health, civil protection and the preservation of ecosystems.

The scientific research conducted by the Foundation focuses on disaster risk mitigation. Since its inception, in fact, the Foundation has been dedicated to the mitigation of hydrometeorological risk, developing mathematical models that would improve the prediction and prevention of flood phenomena, and to the prediction and prevention of forest fires. Over the years, the fields of research have expanded: today the Foundation also deals with forest biodiversity conservationsatellite data analysisrisk assessment and damage data analysis. Part of the research is then dedicated to the marine ecosystems and cetaceans that inhabit the Pelagos Sanctuary and to the development of civil protection plans through participatory paths with the population. A line of research is then dedicated to the activities of regulatory review (also of complex national and foreign institutional architectures), legal compliance, analysis of legal risk in risk management and forensic investigation.

However, the Foundation's activities are not limited to research. Our technicians and researchers contribute to the dissemination of knowledge with training, operational and training support, and contribute to technological development thanks to the close collaboration with the ACROTEC Foundationan in-house organization of the CIMA Foundation.