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Frederiksborg Brand og Redning

Frederiksborg Brand og Redning




Frederiksborg Brand & Rescue is a municipally owned §60 company that was established on 1 January 2016 as a partnership between the emergency services in Egedal, Frederikssund, Furesø, Gribskov, Halsnæs and Hillerød Municipalities. at the turn of the year January 2021, Gribskov municipality withdrew from the collaboration.

It is Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue's ambitious goal to be one of the leading Fire & Rescue Preparedness in Denmark. Our long-term strategic vision and goal is to improve the social, economic and environmental welfare of the inhabitants of the six owner municipalities through targeted preventive and remedial efforts.

Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue's primary task under the Emergency Management Act is to provide a quick response to the acute emergencies. However, we'd rather make it unnecessary for you to call us. Our preventive work includes, among other things, conducting fire inspections, fire technical construction case management and training in elementary fire fighting and first aid.

Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue also solves a number of secondary tasks determined by the framework set by the legislation and the municipal power of attorney rules. For example, we staff and operate the call centre, we oversee technical alarms and provide equipment and muzzle. We also provide accommodation and catering in case of natural disasters and other accident incidents, are part of guard arrangements, provide support to the Council of Elders and are responsible for the emergency treatment scheme in the Hundested area.