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Gasilska Zveza Slovenije

Gasilska Zveza Slovenije




Voluntary firefighting has already had a 150-year tradition in Slovenia. People are joining the fire fighting society to prevent and extinguish fires more effectively. The task of the fire brigade is much more than just fire and rescue in the event of fires. In them, people found social support and solidarity, selfless help in any accident. Through the fire fighting societies, members demonstrate their devotion to the Slovenian people and the existence of this consciousness.

Today, in many places it is the fire fighting societies that bring together and connect the public in activities and activities, especially in the field of fire protection and cultural and other areas. Over the years, the fire fighting organization has evolved into a modern, humanitarian and nonpartisan organization.

The Fire Brigade association of Slovenia is an independent, non-profit, humanitarian, non-political and highest form of integration of voluntary fire fighting societies and their associations. It operates under the Association Act and the Fire Brigade Act. It is a union of all voluntary fire fighting societies, all voluntary industrial fire fighting societies and their fire fighting associations, which are organised at municipal, inter-municipal and regional level.

The Fire Brigade Association of Slovenia was established in 1949 in Ljubljana as the successor to all previous links of fire fighting organizations. Since then, she has been a member of the CTIF since 1992.