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Laurea University of Applied Sciences


History of Laurea UAS

Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Laurea UAS, formerly Vantaa University of Applied Sciences and Espoo-Vantaa University of Applied Sciences) began operating in Vantaa in 1991 as one of the first universities of applied sciences to be granted an experimental licence in Finland.

In 1997 – 1998, this experimental licence was expanded to comprise nearly 20 educational institutions in the region of Uusimaa. At that time, the name of the institution was changed to Espoo-Vantaa University of Applied Sciences, reflecting the cities that were its main owners.

The Government of Finland put the institution’s operation on a permanent footing in 2000, and the name Laurea University of Applied Sciences was adopted in 2001.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences operates in Uusimaa region at six different campuses. There are about 7,800 students, 600 staff members and 30,000 alumni in our community.