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The Main School of Fire Service - SGSP Poland



SGSP in Warsaw (Poland) is the only one in Poland and one of the few state interdisciplinary universities in the world, which trains fire officers and educates specialists in safety engineering and internal security. SGSP is scientifically and educationally supervised by Ministry of Interior and Administration. It has full academic rights and constitutes an organizational unit of the State Fire Service (PSP). Nowadays, SGSP, as a technical-social university, provides studies on the Faculty of Safety Engineering and Civil Protection, as well as carries out research on the Institute of Safety Engineering and the Institute of Internal Security.

SGSP carries out research in disaster risk reduction, CBRN, rescue, fire protection, civil protection, critical infrastructure protection, internal security, occupational safety and health, crisis management and crisis communication. SGSP representatives serve as experts in NATO, EU as well as national scientific and rescue institutions.