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Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic



The Ministry of the Interior is the central state administration body for home affairs, in particular for:

  • public policy and other matters of internal order and security within a defined scope, including supervision of road safety and traffic flow,
  • names and surnames, registers, citizenship, identity cards, residence reports, population records and birth numbers,
  • associations in political parties and political movements,
  • the right of assembly,
  • public collections,
  • archival science
  • weapons and ammunition,
  • fire protection,
  • travel documents, authorisation of residence of foreigners and status of refugees,
  • territorial division of the state,
  • state borders, their measuring, maintenance and management of the documentary work,
  • state symbols,
  • state, economic and professional secrecy.

The Ministry of the Interior also ensures:

  • the telecommunications network of the Police of the Czech Republic and methodically directs the cipher service,
  • cooperation within the international organisation Interpol.