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Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap


The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is a government agency. The MSB is responsible for supporting society's preparedness for accidents, crises and civil defence.

Our Mission

Msb is responsible for issues of protection against accidents, crisis preparedness and civil defence, to the extent that no other authority is responsible. Responsibility refers to actions before, during and after an accident, crisis, war or danger of war.

Our role in society

MSB has a broad mission to support others in order for society to become safer, based on the goals of society's safety. Therefore, we collaborate and collaborate with many actors at all levels.

Roles and responsibilities

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, is a government agency. MSB is responsible for supporting society's preparedness for accidents, crises and civil defence.

Our role is to support and push forward, by disseminating knowledge and supporting collaboration, financing development and in certain areas issuing regulations or exercising supervision.

The issues MSB works particularly are emergency services, accident prevention, crisis preparedness, civil defence, cybersecurity and secure communications. MSB is prepared around the clock, all year round to be able to help if something happens here at home or out in the world, and is responsible for Sweden's IT incident preparedness. Communication is important, which is why we have the website that informs about accidents when they happen.

Support and coordination

Often, people other than MSB have a clear responsibility in the event of accidents and crises. The emergency services, the police and the ambulance service have clear roles in the event of an accident, for example. But sometimes support is needed to coordinate all actors at really big events, and sometimes extra reinforcements such as helicopter support or expert support are needed. Large events also tend to lead to many people needing to get accurate information about what happened. These are some examples of what MSB can do to support others at an event.

Ideally, accidents should not happen at all. To prevent accidents and crises, you first need to map out what can happen, and then plan to avoid accidents or protect yourself from accidents. MSB helps both with mapping things that may occur and advice on how to protect yourself.

MSB's work in accidents, crises and wars

Preventive work

MSB also works to prepare us for things that still happen, through training, exercises, manuals and advice. We train firefighters and chimney sweepers. Every year, MSB distributes money to build or develop things that would not otherwise happen. This may involve technical development, training or developing new methods that make society safer or strengthen preparedness for crisis and war.

After accidents and crises, it is important to find out what has happened, and learn something from it. Msb develops rules, regulations, for example for how to handle hazardous substances and follows up on how to follow up on how the rules are followed.