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NOVIMET is a technology solution provider in hydrometeorology.

NOVIMET has developed a new technology to measure rainfall by radar. The innovation of NOVIMET is based on the extraction software ZPHI ™ the only truly operational software on the market able to exploit plainly the information of a polarimetric radar. Protected by three patents CNRS (international expansion) which NOVIMET has the exclusive license, ZPHI ™ allows mapping the rain in a radius of 60km around the radar with a resolution of 25 ha and a precision similar to that of rain and without using any data from rain gauges.

NOVIMET offers now its own radar HYDRIX™. A compact and lightweight radar that could be installed on an existing infrastructure (telecom tower, water towers, silos, etc. ..).
Today, this innovative technology has already attracted economic actors (water operators, farms …) and public authorities in order to optimize the management of water and the hydrological risk.