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Pau Costa Foundation

Pau Costa Foundation




Pau Costa Foundation is global non-profit entity focused on wildfires management and prevention.

Since 2011, we are facilitating the exchange between researchers, stakeholders and civil society with a vocation to disseminate knowledge and make projects real.


 We listen, work, create and disseminate solutions for the prevention of forest fires and the improvement of the management of major emergencies.

 We do this by connecting a global network of researchers, operational staff and society who exchange knowledge, ideas and sensitivities to achieve systemic change.


 We promote a profound change so that citizens perceive fire as another element of nature.

 We disseminate technical and scientific knowledge about fires, forest fire management and major emergencies.

 We work for and with the global fire community compiling crisis management recommendations, lessons and experiences.

 We help develop efficient, effective and useful projects and services.


 Action: Work to make ideas and projects a reality.

 Equality: Promoting the common good and gender equality in the world of fires and emergencies.

 Commitment: Supporting the fire community is the true engine of everyday life.

 Transcendence: Willingness to lead profound changes in the world of fires and major emergencies so that they last and extend beyond the Foundation.

 Versatility: Great adaptability, looking for new ideas and points of view to evolve and improve with a positive attitude towards change.