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Polski Czerwony Krzyż

Polski Czerwony Krzyż (Polish Red Cross)




Polish Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In our activities we are guided by 7 principles.

Activities carried out by the Red Cross Polish:

  • Promoting international humanitarian
    law We conduct trainings and lectures on the subject of regulations applicable to soldiers
    and civilians during the armed conflict, as well as a specialized library containing the largest collection of publications related to international humanitarian law (IHL) in Poland. As part of education in the field of IHL and in order to ensure its respect, we cooperate directly with the International Committee of the Red Cross, academic centers and state institutions.
  • Running the National Information and Search
    BureauThe National Information and Search Office of the Polish Red Cross aims to find those missing during wars and reunite families.
  • Promotion of honorary blood donation
    We run campaigns and activities aimed at the development of blood donation and blood treatment
    in Poland and the acquisition of honorary blood donors.
  • Providing assistance to victims of natural disasters at home and abroad
    We provide assistance to victims in situations of natural disasters and catastrophes in the world, as well as prepare society for appropriate behavior in situations of similar crises.
  • Care and social assistance We
    work for the most needy, the poor, the sick, the disabled and national minorities. We conduct training in the field of professional activation of people at risk of social exclusion. As part of the "Decent Childhood" program, we feed children in need and provide them with comprehensive care, allowing them to start equally into adulthood.
  • Promotion of appropriate health and ecological
    behaviours We counteract addictions, promote a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, we talk about the prevention of cancer and infectious diseases.
  • Training in the field of first aid in accordance with EU
    standards We are a leader in the field of first aid training in Poland. We act directly for people injured in road accidents.
  • Educational activities among children and young people, volunteering
    We run numerous campaigns and educational programs addressed directly to children
    and young people: "Superquirrel – friend of Ola and Kuba", "Rescuer – helps you help", "I care about my health", "Do not be indifferent – learn first aid", "Share a smile", "Road ABC", "Safe Patrol" and "#AkcjaDonacja". We organize summer camps, run educational, care and social institutions. Our volunteers receive the training necessary to perform their tasks.