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In the academic year 2002-2003 the Italian university system counted more than three thousand three-year degree courses activated. Today the number has perhaps grown further, so much so as to suggest that the offer of university courses is amply sufficient from a quantitative point of view and there is no room for new proposals.

From a more articulated and in-depth analysis, also conducted by us, it is clear that the weaknesses of our university system are above all qualitative (low attractiveness of the professional profiles produced by the university by the world of work) and functional (sometimes weak response to emerging needs for new skills and new professional profiles).

The reasons for introducing 'another subject' into the system, i.e. another university, may therefore concern aspects of quality and functionality. In this context, the eCampus Telematic University believes that it has qualifications of merit and method to make its contribution to the updating and strengthening of the Italian university system, proposing completely innovative degree courses (psychoeconomics) or in any case closely related to the satisfaction of particular needs of the economic, social and productive fabric of the territory and the country, characterized by new teaching and organizational methods and also aimed at particular categories of students (workers, disabled, residents abroad).