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Procedures of Rescue Organizations in Flood Operations Unified in the Danube Region.






Full-scale exercises
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Flood response activities are greatly supported by water rescue NGOs and volunteer fire brigades in the Danube Region. These volunteer organizations have been working together side by side fighting floods and emergencies. These organizations are in cooperation with their respective national authorities providing rapid response to disasters. Due to climate change, the frequency and severity of such events are increasing in the region. Therefore, these mainly national capacities are supporting the neighbouring countries more often. The volunteer organizations need to adapt their procedures to the international standards, which eventually ensure interoperability by meeting the requirements of the UCPM. Based on existing examples and their self-assessment of capacities, the standard operating procedures will be updated. The e-learning and training of trainers ensure sustainable preparedness programme, with result of a field handbook and full version of Standard Operating Procedures for flood response operations in the Danube Region. The alerting will be supported by a mobile app to serve as inventory of their capacities as well. The results and the readiness of the units will be tested in multiple location-based full-scale field exercise, simulating parallel flooding in Tisza and Danube rivers at the same time but in different tributaries and sections of the rivers. This setup will greatly challenge the participants, also the general learning objectives of the exercise can be achieved, including Host Nation Support and coordination of volunteer assets, common understanding of procedures and effective cooperation. Throughout the preparation, planning and execution of the exercise, the constant monitoring of the activities will be conducted by using self-evaluation designed for the different actors

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