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ECHO-JRC partnership: the key to success in UCPM training

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This article looks at the Training Management and Registration Tool, a platform developed by the JRC in collaboration with DG ECHO.

By Knowledge Network – Staff member

Training for civil protection and disaster management experts across Europe has advanced significantly in the last six months, following the launch of the new Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) Training Programme in September 2023. Established in 2004, the programme recently underwent a thorough revision, introducing 16 new courses, with 11 already operational. However, the success of the new training offer for civil protection and disaster management does not only stem from the modernisation of the programme and the deep involvement of EU Member States and UCPM Participating States – it is a result of the partnership between DG ECHO and the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The tool has been further developed recently to facilitate the nomination, registration and selection process of response capacities and experts to UCPM exercises, in particular in EU MODEX exercises.

Within the Training Management and Registration Tool created by JRC, there are two different systems in place. The first is the Online Registration Tool (ORT), essential for the work of NTCs responsible for identifying, managing, and maintaining the national system of experts and stakeholders enrolled in the UCPM Training, Exercises and Exchange of Experts Programmes, ensuring that qualified and competent experts and staff are trained to support UCPM activities and operations on the ground. In the ORT, NTCs can nominate candidates to attend UCPM training courses and exercises. Experts themselves need to complete the registration form in the tool, and NTCs validate their submissions afterwards.

The UCPM has come a long way since it was established and has evolved into a complex framework, where the NTC plays an essential role supporting experts in all parts of their learning journey at the European level, to help develop their skills and reinforce the learning. 

This collaboration between DG ECHO and JRC is key in the training of civil protection and disaster management experts – it eases the nomination, registration, and the selection process within the UCPM Training and Exercises Programme, while offering valuable data on each expert in a centralised, efficient way.


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