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Scenario experts during the FORMATEX23 Full-Scale  Exercise in Linz

FORMATEX23: ‘Lessons learnt and way forward’

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After two years of successful activities, the FORMATEX23 UCPM Full-Scale Exercise (FSX) project marked its final step with a ‘Lessons learnt and way forward’ workshop in Brussels on 22–23 November 2023.

By Knowledge Network – Staff member

The final activity related to the project was represented by the FORMATEX23 ‘Lessons learnt and way forward’ workshop in Brussels on 22–23 November 2023. The workshop was hosted at ECHO headquarters.

"FORMATEX23 was essential in addressing the need for improved preparedness in handling NaTech events and enhancing CBRN capabilities. The exercise highlighted the importance of solidarity among European countries and underscored the ongoing commitment to better prepare for and respond to similar events in the future".

• Official EU observers programme to be kept at a manageable size of approximately ten members; 

• Active involvement of observers within exercises through the assignment of observation tasks; 

• The importance of involvement of all national authorities at an early stage of a project to foster stakeholder involvement during the planning phase; 

• Enhancing the exchange of lessons learnt within the community and amongst different projects through the organisation of dedicated after-project workshops. 

To conclude the workshop, participants visited the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) to learn more about how it supports countries hit by disasters through expertise, human resources, and specialised relief equipment.

"FORMATEX23 is a great example of how to be better prepared in a real emergency. It makes the difference in delivering an efficient and effective response and saving lives".

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