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ROADMAP2 - Community for the European Observatory (CEO) of good practices

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By project ROADMAP2 staff

Decision-making activities along the whole DRM cycle are often the response to similar situations that need to be faced in different contexts. Prior knowledge of past positive experiences may facilitate strategic and complex decisions; however, there is a need for a common and shared understanding of the different cases that may occur and of the solutions already identified by others and successfully adopted. Those solutions may represent Good Practices (GPs) that decision-makers can refer to, when making their choices. The characterisation of DRM cycle situations and the identification of possible solutions can only be based on sound scientific and academic knowledge. Therefore, not only the civil protection decision-makers are relevant, but also the scientific/academic community that holds the know-how in this field. Hence, closer interactions towards a common understanding and sharing of knowledge between the different communities is needed.

One of the two main objectives of the ROADMAP2 project is to “Establishing a Community for the European Observatory (CEO) of good practices, to improve the knowledge, understanding and replicability of GPs in DRM”. The overall aim is to establish a multidisciplinary thematic community, organised through a multi-panel scheme, that will support principally the Science Pillar of the Knowledge Network and, in addition, to contribute, through seminars/workshops/test exercises, to capacity development and sharing of knowledge and expertise in civil protection and disaster management. For ROADMAP2, in particular, the aim is to create a “demo” of this community, i.e. a first core that is expected to widen and develop in the coming years. To this end, the project partners invited experts with strong expertise in disaster risk management to join the CEO.

The ROADMAP2 consortium sought to frame the composition and activities of the CEO around the Union Disasters Resilience Goals (anticipate, prepare, alert, respond and protect) and at the presence of a good mix of practitioners and academics/scientists.

The CEO currently consists of 8 academics members and 11 practitioners.


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Logo of ROADMAP2 project
Project ROADMAP2 staff

European Observatory on Disaster risk and crisis Management good Practices: way ahead.


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