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UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme

UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme

03 December 2021

The UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme aims to provide UCPM member and participating states with a broad basis for learning processes and knowledge development

About the Programme

The UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme identifies and shares lessons and good practices from UCPM deployments and horizontal, cross-cutting activities to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the UCPM as a whole. It focuses on the whole disaster management cycle, covering prevention, preparedness and response.  

For more information: the UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme is established by the Decision 1313/2013 as amended by (EU) Decision 2019/420 (article 13.d).  


UCPM Forest fires
UCPM Lessons Learnt Programme – Thematic meeting on the 2021 forest fires in Europe.
The UCPM lessons learnt thematic meeting on the 2021 forest fires in Europe took place at the headquarters of the Greek Civil Protection authorities.