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Economics for Disaster Prevention and Preparedness

Making smart investments in disaster and climate resilience in Europe - investing in disaster risk reduction and disaster resilience, strengthening financial protection and improving institutional preparedness makes economic sense.

Funded by the European Commission, three analytical reports on prioritising investments in disaster and climate resilience, costing climate change adaptation, and advancing financial resilience have been developed in collaboration with the World Bank. The study for the reports covered multiple hazards, including floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and landslides, with a focus on critical infrastructure and emergency response systems. The reports will provide decision-makers and practitioners with evidence, data, and tools to inform policy and investment efforts in disaster risk management.

The publication of the reports was marked by a launch event held in Brussels 15 May 2024 and here presentation from the event. Links to the three reports are here below. 

New reports

Financially Prepared - The Case for Pre-positioned Finance_banner

Financially Prepared: the case for pre-positioned finance.

Addresses the financial impact of wildfires and droughts in the EU, identifying the funding gap between available and needed finance. The report highlights the importance of pre-positioned finance to improve Europe's financial preparedness for these natural disasters.

Training material

In addition to the reports, DG ECHO, with the assistance of the World Bank, offers training material that draws on the findings of the 2021 study. 

E-learning course

Developed by DG ECHO, an online eLearning course is available with open access on the EU Academy. The 1-hour self-paced course focuses on the risk landscape of the EU and the positive effects of disaster prevention and preparedness

Online workshop series 

This series of three training modules (120 min each) explore the analytical methods applied in the study. You hear the experts involved providing more background of the study and its findings.