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Natural disaster risks

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Wildfire is one of the major hazards threatening European forests and other ecosystems, that mostly affects the Mediterranean region but is a cause of concern also in other parts of Europe.
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Animal and plant diseases

Animal and plant diseases can pose serious risks to European societies, including serious infectious disease outbreaks, food security risks and economic losses.
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Flooding is a natural hazard that may worsened by human impacts like changed land use and climate change.


Droughts are a recurrent feature of Europe’s climate, with severe consequences for people and for most economic sectors, including agriculture.
Epidemic and pandemics

Epidemics and pandemics

Epidemics and pandemics pose a severe threat in Europe and throughout the world, as COVID-19 has demonstrated. Other human-health related risks include the re-emergence of known diseases, vector-borne diseases, and anti-microbial resistance.
Extreme weather

Extreme weather

Extreme weather events in Europe are occurring more regularly and becoming more severe, due to climate change.
Geophysical risk

Geophysical risks

Geophysical disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions) have devastating impact on people, the environment and economies.