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INEGMA-E2 D3.2 Evaluation Solution Demonstrator

D3.2 Evaluation Solution Demonstrator published

By project INEGMA-E2 staffPublished on

We have just uploaded the explanatory document as part of the deliverable D3.2 Evaluation Solution Demonstrator. This document explains the demonstrator of INEGMA-E2 task 3.3 “Setting up a demonstrator”. It describes the concept of the demonstrator and broadly explains its usage in the exercise evaluation process. It also details the demonstrator architecture used in the exercise evaluation support. It focuses also on the sustainability of the demonstrator as a project result.

The creation of deliverable 3.2 was preceded by the activities in task 3.1 “User requirements collection” and task 3.2 “Matching of available solutions with end user requirements”. Based on the collected data, requirements and information on the existing solutions, the evaluation software toolkit demonstrator was developed and delivered in a form of zip file called "" – an archive containing demonstrator’s installation and configuration files for the local instance installation. The created solution was tested and evaluated in the course of the exercise ”Host Nation Support Table Top Exercise Moldova” on 22-24 February 2023. A short report on that test and all other relevant data are provided in the zip file "Moldova". It also contains inputs and results from the demonstrator testing during that event.

The complete zip file containing all the above mentioned contents can be downloaded here >