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EUCP Team experts during the damages assessment in Mexico following the earthquakes of September 2017 © DG ECHO

Fill-in the PROCULTHER-NET survey by 31 July!

By project PROCULTHER-NET staffPublished on

PROCULTHER-NET: A European Community for Protecting Cultural Heritage at Risk of Disaster, is launching a questionnaire. Its aim is to facilitate the identification of the content and processes on which to focus a cultural heritage protection community, within the DG ECHO Knowledge Network funding opportunities. Fill- in the questionnaire before 31 July 2022


PROCULTHER-NET, Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters-Network, is an initiative co-funded by ECHO in the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism – UCPM. It aims to consolidate a thematic community focused on protecting cultural heritage at risk of disaster within the EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network - KN and to foster multidisciplinary and risk-based exchange practices to support and complement the efforts made by the European Union in the field of civil protection.

Why a questionnaire?

The questionnaire will facilitate stakeholder mapping and will help to collect information and feedback on legal frameworks, policies and planning, the role and involvement of the scientific community and technical resources, international exchanges and support, tools and resources to ensure the protection of cultural heritage assets, training programmes and exercises, including communication to the public on cultural heritage protection.

Several questions will address specific topics taking in consideration tools, methods, procedures related to Prevention, Preparedness, Response and EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network and Thematic Community.

Questionnaire findings will feed into the PROCULTHER-NET ex-ante feasibility study that will guide project activities for the months to come as it is aimed at collecting information on 3 fundamental fields:

  1. Interests and needs existing at European level to ensure the inclusion of the protection of cultural heritage at risk of disaster in disaster risk management.
  2. Capacities, as well as best practices and lessons learnt existing at European level to ensure the inclusion of the protection of cultural heritage in disaster risk management processes.
  3. Stakeholder mapping relevant for the objectives of the project, including civil protection and cultural heritage authorities, academia/scientific centers as well as international and humanitarian organizations.