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First Mechanism Refresher Seminar welcomes participants in Portugal

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The first Mechanism Refresher Seminar in a new-look took place on 6-8 November 2023 in Cascais, Portugal.

By Knowledge Network – Staff member

The three workshops that were part of the seminar programme were led by representatives from the academic, operational and field-level:

  • Situational awareness in a EUCPT – Mission to Poland (“operational” level)
  • The Transit Nation – Logistics hubs in Poland (“tactical” level)
  • UCPM involvement in complex emergencies / crises – International Humanitarian Law and beyond (“strategic” level)

“The setting up of a logistics hub in Poland by the UCPM in the context of the war in Ukraine was a major operation for the Mechanism, offering many ways for reflection, from the operational implementation itself, to the very relevance of such an intervention. Our participants really got to the heart of the matter, thanks to interactions with their high-level workshop leaders and the sharing of their own experience.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mechanism Refresher Seminar, which was held in the stunning location of Cascais, and hosted by the Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection. The seminar was very well organised and structured: the programme was comprehensive, but there was also ample time for much-appreciated networking.  

For many, including myself, this was the first in-person UCPM seminar of the new training programme and for some also the first in-person UCPM seminar / training since Covid-19 pandemic. The best part of the seminar was to get a chance to exchange ideas and have discussions on a variety of topics with colleagues I haven’t seen in a long time.

I'd highly recommend this seminar for anyone looking for an update on new developments on the UCPM and the new training programme!” 

Maria Katajisto, the Finnish national expert who attended the seminar.

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