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From globally cascading climate risks to European climate risk assessments

By Knowledge Network – Staff member

Findings from Horizon projects as a forerunner event to the 7th DRMKC Annual Seminar


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UPDATE: The projects' slides are available below. The recording available with the password 3Ycb2JNi at this link for a limited time.


The Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network will produce an online forerunner event ahead of the 7th DRMKC Annual Seminar on Horizon project findings from globally cascading climate risks to European climate risk assessments. The event will be an informative session and an occasion to host CASCADES and CLIMAAX - the former a Horizon project closing this year and the latter started this year - to present their case studies, methodologies and concrete ways to support and set the background for a Roadmap to Disaster Resilience.


Agenda - 08/11/2023

15:00 Introduction by the European Commission
  • Felix Bloch, Head of Unit, Knowledge Network and Evidence-Based Policy, DG ECHO


15:10 How climate change impacts outside Europe can trigger cascading risks inside the EU and CASCADES' recommendations towards resilient European societies
  • Magnus Benzie, Senior Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
  • Hanne Knaepen, Head of Climate Action and Green Transition, ECDPM
  • Ruth Townend, Research Fellow, Chatham House

The CASCADES project has produced over 50 deliverables and over 30 scientific papers, which were widely cited in the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The project has described and analysed how climate change impacts outside Europe can and are triggering cascading risks for communities, companies and countries inside the EU.

In this session, you will get to see some of the pioneering methodologies that have been developed by the CASCADES consortium for exploring the transmission of climate impacts via trade, security and financial systems, and for engaging stakeholders via immersive policy simulations. You will also be presented with an overview of the project’s strategic recommendations for European resilience. It will be followed by 5-10 mins of Q&A.


15:40 The support for regional climate risk assessments from CLIMAAX and potential uptake of their lessons learnt
  • Daniel Sempere Torres, Director, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Bart van den Hurk, Scientific Director, Deltares and IPCC WG2 co-chair

In the context of the European Mission on Climate Adaptation, the CLIMAAX project will open a financial and technical Climate Risk Assessment support facility to European regions on 8 December 2023. It will enable at least 50 local regions and communities to upgrade their capacity to perform climate risk assessments. The support facility will benefit the design and adoption of strategies for both regional risk management (addressing typically the civil protection functions) and climate adaptation (addressing long term planning of economic development, land use, infrastructure and other utilities).

The results of the regional climate risk assessments will serve as an evidence base that demonstrates enablers and barriers to performing effective risk assessments and their use in strategic planning. There are excellent opportunities to use the findings of this portfolio to inspire upcoming IPCC assessment reports; intended to emphasize the actions and policy pathways that will ensure climate resilience of communities at national to local scales across all inhabited regions of the world. The presentation will be followed by 5-10 mins of Q&A.


16:10 Closing by the European Commission
  • Philippe Tulkens, Head of Unit, Climate & Planetary Boundaries, DG RTD


How to attend?

The event is hosted openly over Webex and no formal registration is required. Please add the Webex event and connection details to your calendar with the + button within the link here. The event will be recorded.


7th DRMKC Annual Seminar

The 7th DRMKC Annual Seminar will take place on 21 November 2023.
Brussels, BelgiumHybrid


CASCADES - DG ECHO Webinar - 8th Nov 2023 (v2).pdf

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