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Launch of the revamped Science4Peace portal

By Knowledge Network – Staff memberPublished on

The Science4Peace portal is now equipped with enhanced tools to support conflict early warning, prevention, and crisis preparedness efforts


Layered access for users

The access policy of the portal is layered. Science4Peace portal access is limited to staff from EEAS, the European Commission, other European Institutions, and Member States’ ministries and government offices with whom the EEAS has established a prior cooperation on conflict prevention, conflict analysis or crisis preparedness. 

Users from other international organisations may also apply for access, subject to approval from EEAS and FPI. By default, the Science4Peace portal only grants authorised users “basic access” rights to core features of the portal. Selected members of EEAS and the European Commission external relations family are granted access to additional products, and analytics with limited distribution.

To explore how the tools might be of use for your work, please visit and log in using your EU Login account (the same as on the Knowledge Network platform). A new Science for Policy brief is also available to describe the tools. Should you have any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out at

We hope that the new portal will prove to be useful in your activities going forwards!


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