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New online training module available for National Training Coordinators

By Knowledge Network – Staff memberPublished on

UCPM Training Programme: a new online training course has just been launched to support the National Training Coordinators in their role.

The launch of the new UCPM Training Programme last September has led to a dynamic training and exercises programme being put in place, tailored to specific target groups and profiles. National Training Coordinators (NTCs) support participants in all parts of their learning journey at the European level, to help develop their competencies.

In light of the recent revision of the UCPM training offer, an innovative online module was designed to support NTCs in their role, by increasing their knowledge and skills related to all aspects of the UCPM Training, Exercises and Exchange of Experts Programmes. 

The NTC online training module is freely accessible on EU Academy, the Commission’s learning management system, and offers a comprehensive learning journey through six units delivered asynchronously. Upon completion of this online module, NTCs will be able to: 

  • Describe the UCPM and the UCPM Training, Exercises and Exchange of Experts Programmes;
  • Explain the role of the NTC and list the NTC’s duties and responsibilities;
  • Identify candidates and list the selection criteria and procedure for the different training courses;
  • Understand the Performance Assessment and Evaluation (A&E) Framework and the NTC role in the A&E process;
  • Use different IT tools and online platforms that support NTCs in the delivery of their tasks.

NTCs play an essential role, as they are the ones responsible for identifying, managing, and maintaining the national system of experts and stakeholders enrolled in the UCPM Training, Exercises and Exchange of Experts Programmes, ensuring that qualified and competent experts and staff are trained to support UCPM activities and operations on the ground. This is most of the time done in consultation and with the agreement of national competent authorities. Every EU Member State and UCPM Participating State identifies at least one NTC, who then collaborates with the European Commission in support of the mentioned programmes’ implementation. As a result, the NTC indirectly reinforces the UCPM response capability.

The NTC online training module was developed by DG ECHO together with the Civitas Soteria Consortium, led by ICF, with the support of NTCs and within the framework of the UCPM ad-hoc training offer. Besides the core training programme, flexible training is also available to respond to emerging risks and needs in the form of ad-hoc training courses, training of trainers, and thematic workshops and seminars. These learning activities aim to address knowledge and skills gaps as they are identified.

The UCPM Training Programme helps to increase the UCPM response capability and better prepare for disasters and supplements the national training offer provided to civil protection and disaster management personnel by their countries and organisations. More information on the UCPM Training Programme is available here

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