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UCPM Peer Review Programme

The EU Peer Review programme promotes an integrated approach to disaster risk management and supports a wider policy dialogue across Europe and beyond, improving policy coherence and facilitating the exchange of good practices on civil protection and disaster risk management.

Wildfire Peer Reviews

The Commission has launched a tool to support wildfire risk management capacity building and good practices exchange among European countries. The Wildfire Peer Review Assessment Framework (Wildfire PRAF) will facilitate peer reviews of wildfire risk management systems within the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). This new tool will help countries assess their capacity to prevent wildfires from starting and their preparedness to cope with them.

Member States and Participating States are invited to volunteer for a wildfire management peer review or to use this tool for a self-review, at national and/or regional level.

Wildfires are one of the most prominent disaster risks in Europe and are increasing in intensity and geographic scope due to climate change. The year 2022 was the second worst  in Europe in terms of hectares of burnt areas since 2006, behind 2017 only. In 2022, the Union Civil Protection Mechanism was activated 11 times by 6 countries (Albania, Czechia, France, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia) due to large wildfires that exceeded their national capacity to cope. This is indicative of the significant attention paid to forest fires across the disaster risk management cycle under the UCPM.

In September 2022, the EU ministers responsible for civil protection called on the Commission to step up its support to Member States for wildfire prevention. In response, we put forward a Wildfire Prevention Action Plan. The Wildfire PRAF is a key contribution to this action plan.

Guidance material

To guide the peer review process for both the country/region under review and the peer team, the following key documents are available:

The analytical Assessment Framework for a Peer Review

(4.06 MB - PDF)

Wildfire Peer Review Assessment Framework

(14.5 MB - PDF)

Peer Review Programme Guidelines

(2.36 MB - PDF)

Peer-reviewed countries

To date, 16 countries have benefitted from a peer review: the United Kingdom, Finland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Türkiye, Estonia, Malta, Poland, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Tunisia, Serbia, Algeria, Portugal, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Find links to all peer review reports in the document below.

Peer Review reports


Country Date Review Report 
Moldova2023Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementen
Romania2023Thematic peer review on disaster risk management governance and preventionen
Serbia2019Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementen
Algeria2019Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementfr
Portugal2019Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementen
Cyprus2018General Disaster Risk Managementen
North Macedonia2018Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementen
Tunisia2018Comprehensive Disaster Risk Managementen - fr
Estonia2016Risk management capabilitiesen
Malta2016Risk assessmenten
Poland2016Risk assessmenten - pl
Bulgaria2015General Disaster risk managementen - bg
Georgia2015Risk assessment and early warningen - ge
Türkiye2015General Disaster risk managementen - tk 
Finland2014Building resilience to disasters: assessing the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Actionen 
United Kingdom2013Building resilience to disasters: assessing the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Actionen
Last updated: 06/11/2023

More information

Peer Review of disaster risk management and civil protection systems

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