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Professional Dialogue Exercises - Jordan Israel Palestine






Full-scale exercises
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Professional Dialogue Exercises - Jordan Israel Palestine: The overall aim is to improve civil protection (CP) preparedness and response inside and outside the Member States of the Mechanism by providing a testing environment and a learning opportunity for all actors involved in CP interventions. The sub-region of Jordan, Israel and Palestine is a unique training environment of outermost interest for the UPCM. The consortium will: a)produce an assessment of the CP situation, b) draft joint Standing Operating Procedures on parties’ request (SOPs), c) hold joint planning conferences, d) implement a Table-Top Exercise (TTX) training Host Nation Support (HNS) in a specific environment, e) perform a Joint Full-Scale Exercise (FSX), f) provide an Evaluation that includes a Lessons Learned (LL) process and recommendations for the Way ahead, g) provide the sub-region with HNS-guidelines considering the specific response environment. The project is designed to achieve overall strengthening of disaster preparedness in the JIP region while increasing interoperability and HNS measures for international and regional disaster response. Objectives: a) analyse the CP situation in the JIP region, b) conduct joint planning with JIP partners, c) develop a joint SOP for international disaster response, d) prepare and conduct one HNS TTX, e) prepare and conduct one joint FSX, f) conduct an evaluation of the current state of affairs in the region g) conclude with a LL procedure and recommend a way ahead for the JIP region. Expected results enable the response to a large-scale disaster in the region by creating inter-operability between all involved actors, and enable support to vulnerable groups, Common SOP, Adaptation of disaster response plans, LL event, specific HNS guidelines.

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Full Scale Exercise

The full-scale exercise (FSX) took place in March covering the wider Jordan River region, which includes Jordan, Israel and Palestine (JIP)
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