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Insights from first UCPM Progress Report on Prevention and Risk Management

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In a significant development towards enhancing disaster resilience across Europe, the Commission has released the progress report on the implementation of Article 6 under the UCPM, adopted on 12 March 2024. This document places disaster prevention at the forefront, offering a detailed review of national disaster risk management practices within the EU, its Member States, and Participating States

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State of Disaster Risk Management across Europe

A crucial component of the report is its analysis of national reports on disaster risk management, supported by a detailed Commission staff working document. This analysis sheds light on the current state of disaster risk management across Europe, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The report also underscores the necessity of refining risk assessments to accurately account for future risks, particularly those exacerbated by climate change. It calls for a greater integration of climate change considerations into disaster risk management planning, advocating for an integrated approach that recognises the link between climate and disaster risks.

The most significant change is the increasing concern for droughts, for which concern has almost doubled since 2015.

The publication of this progress report coincides with the "Managing climate risks – protecting people and prosperity" Communication (COM(2024)91), a reaction to the first EU Climate Risk Assessment issued by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

As Europe faces an increasingly volatile climate and the ever-present threat of natural and man-made disasters, the first UCPM progress report on prevention and risk management serves as a useful overview of the EU's response to safeguarding its communities. By laying down a roadmap for strengthened disaster risk management and climate risk adaptation, the report sets a course towards a resilient Europe, to protect its people and prosperity in the face of future uncertainties. Read more about Disaster Risk Management under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism


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